June 2023: What's New in the Toolbox

Recent additions to the Toolbox:

  • Future Climate Scenarios tool - a new tool has been added to the Toolbox. The Future Climate Scenarios tool allows you to create a table of climate projections with many different metrics and future scenarios. 
  • Future VPD  - vapor pressure deficit projections have been added to the Future Boxplots and Future Scatter tools.
  • Future hydrology projections  - a new hydrology dataset (MWBM by Hostetler & Alder which utilizes MACAv2-METDATA) has been added to the following tools: Climate Mapper, Climate Scenarios, Future Boxplots and Future Scatter.  This dataset has metrics of runoff, snow water equivalent, soil moisture and climatic water deficit at 1/24-deg over the contiguous USA.
  • Future climate scatter - a new feature has been added to the existing Future Climate Scatter tool that allows you to record information about clicked scatter points into a table. Open the 'Scenario Table Result' window in this tool to get started. 
  • Area averaging - area averaged data is available for most location based tools now where the area averages can be chosen from rectangular regions, US counties, US HUC8 watersheds and US states. There are more improvements coming soon for area averaging.
  • Educational Assignment - three assignments that utilize the Climate Toolbox for university teaching have been added. See Guidance
  • Video Training Series  - a series of training videos on the Climate Toolbox have been added to a YouTube channel. See Videos.