Jul 2023: What's New in the Toolbox

Recent additions to the Toolbox:

  • Custom area-averaging- users can now either draw a polygon or choose a polygon from an uploaded shapefile to be used for area-averaging of data for some of the tools. Currently, this is only available in the Future Climate Scatter tool, the Future Boxplots tool and the Future Climate Scenarios tool... but we will be putting this option in most of the graphing tools soon. 
  • Customing colors in the Future Timeseries tool - the ability to change the colors on the graph has been added to the Future Timeseries tool. Just click the 'Change Graph' settings on the right of the tool to open the settings for modifying the colors.
  • Activity Series - a new Climate Toolbox Activity Series has been added to the toolbox in six lessons on climate impacts. 
  • A new Historical Drought Recovery tool - a new tool has been added the to the Toolbox. The Historical Drought Recovery tool allows you to create a map of the probabilities of recovery from drought.