January 2023 Workshop

Grasslands Workshop

'How to Use the Toolbox' for Grassland Managers

In Jan 2023, the Climate Toolbox was utilized in a 2-day Grasslands workshop (Lakewood, Colorado) for US Fish and Wildlife and BLM land managers in District 5 & 6.

On day 1,  Katherine Hegewisch,  Imtiaz Rangwala and John Guinotte presented a 75-minute introduction to the Toolbox illustrating how to use the toolbox for future scenario planning related to biological species. 

On day 2, participants broke into groups looking at one of two grassland species: the regal fritlilary (a butterfly) and the grasshopper sparrow (a bird). Participants used the Climate Toolbox's Future Scatter tool to identify climate models of interest for each species and the Future Climate Scenarios tool to gather future projection information from the specific scenario models. Using this information, they discussed and brainstormed land management solutions that might work into the future with each species within the Resist-Accept-Direct (RAD) framework.